Croatica et Tyrolensia - comparing Croatian and Tyrolean neo-Latin literature

A scholarly conference. Split, April 22, 2015

_004, 6/24/05, 12:13 PM,  8C, 5106x3676 (390+3723), 100%, Default Settin,  1/40...


In alphabetical order.

  • Irena Bratičević (Zagreb): Latin poets in late eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Dubrovnik
  • Irena Galić Bešker (Zagreb): The long lasting Virgil's influence on Latin poetry: an example of bucolic poetry in the 19th century
  • Neven Jovanović (Zagreb): Quadrata rotundis? Lexical comparison of two sets of neo-Latin texts – crotyr-quadrata
  • Martin Korenjak (Innsbruck): Regional Latinity: a worm’s-eye view on neo-Latin literature
  • Bratislav Lučin (Split): Antiquarianism in Croatia: an overview
  • Johanna Luggin (Innsbruck): Macro- vs. microhistory: the Tyrolean Menippean satire as a regional literary genre
  • Darko Novaković (Zagreb): Non verba et numeri, me deficit argumentum: Vlaho Getaldić (1788-1872), a neo-Latin poet in search of inspiration
  • Vladimir Rezar (Zagreb): The humanists of Dubrovnik
  • Florian Schaffenrath (Innsbruck): Epic poetry from Croatia and the Tyrol - overview and comparison
  • Gorana Stepanić (Pula): Think globally, act zonally. Rethinking the concept of Croatian neo-Latin literature
  • Luka Špoljarić (Zagreb): The first Dalmatian Orationes in creatione ducis (1423-1473): anatomy of a genre
  • Lav Šubarić (Innsbruck): Regional, national, transnational. How do we imagine the neo-Latin literature?
  • Tamara Tvrtković (Zagreb): Germanic peoples through the prism of Croatian Latinists
  • Simon Wirthensohn (Innsbruck): The impact of the Jesuit stage on other theatre forms in the Tyrol


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