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   * Log in to Bitbucket   * Log in to Bitbucket
-  * Clone one of croala repositories:+  * **Clone** one of croala repositories 
 +  * How to clone: [[http://tortoisehg.bitbucket.org/manual/1.0/clone.html]] 
 +  * "Source Path" is one of croala repositories (URL addresses below) 
 +  * "Destination Path" is a directory / folder on your computer 
 +  * URL addresses of **source paths**:
     *  the croalabiblio repository: [[https://bitbucket.org/nevenjovanovic/croalabiblio]] (bibliography and prosopography)     *  the croalabiblio repository: [[https://bitbucket.org/nevenjovanovic/croalabiblio]] (bibliography and prosopography)
     * the croalatxt repository: [[https://bitbucket.org/nevenjovanovic/croalatxt]] (texts)     * the croalatxt repository: [[https://bitbucket.org/nevenjovanovic/croalatxt]] (texts)
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