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   * Annotationes genericae (epicae): [[http://solr.ffzg.hr/basex/croalabib-epica]]   * Annotationes genericae (epicae): [[http://solr.ffzg.hr/basex/croalabib-epica]]
   * Manuscripta: [[http://solr.ffzg.hr/basex/croalabib-mss]]   * Manuscripta: [[http://solr.ffzg.hr/basex/croalabib-mss]]
-  * Loca terrarum: [[http://solr.ffzg.hr/basex/static/croalabib-gradovi-knjige.html]]+  * Loca terrarum: [[http://solr.ffzg.hr/basex/static/croalabib-gradovi-knjige.html]]; loca genera saecula: [[http://solr.ffzg.hr/basex/croalabib-humgenpl]]
   * Geonames, ubi libri in lucem prodiere: [[http://solr.ffzg.hr/basex/croalabib-geo]]   * Geonames, ubi libri in lucem prodiere: [[http://solr.ffzg.hr/basex/croalabib-geo]]
 {{ :z:janicar.jpg?300 |Janjičar}} {{ :z:janicar.jpg?300 |Janjičar}}
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