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 Primjer: Primjer:
 <code xml> <code xml>
-<bibl xml:id="stojko01-p01-1439" type="opus"><author><ref target="stojko01">Stojković, Ivan</ref></author><title xml:lang="lat">Tractatus de Ecclesia</title><date from="1433" to="1439" period="14xx_2_third">1433-1439</date><note type="genus01.lat">latinska proza</note><note type="genus">crkveno-povijesni traktat</note><note type="genus">teološki traktat</note><note>objavljeno u: Croatica christiana - Fontes, vol. I, prir. F. Šanjek, Zagreb, 1983</note></bibl>+<bibl xml:id="stojko01-p01-1439" type="opus"> 
 +  <author> 
 +    <ref target="stojko01">Stojković, Ivan</ref> 
 +  </author> 
 +  <title xml:lang="lat">Tractatus de Ecclesia</title> 
 +  <date from="1433" to="1439" period="14xx_2_third">1433-1439</date> 
 +  <note type="genus01.lat">latinska proza</note> 
 +  <note type="genus">crkveno-povijesni traktat</note> 
 +  <note type="genus">teološki traktat</note> 
 +  <note>objavljeno u: Croatica christiana - Fontes, vol. I, prir. F. Šanjek, Zagreb, 1983</note> 
 </code> </code>
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